Friday, July 25, 2008

6 home work + more atlanta

so armon posted pictures of his bathroom renovation project last week on his blog, and this week i put in some work on the bathroom as well!! interior design is my thing so i was all excited to help. this is what the bathroom looked like when i showed up in ATL on saturday night:

Nice new tile floor and great new vanity..... but the walls were looking rough, the toilet was half way installed and the entire bathroom was filthy with all the sanding and such that had been done. Tools everywhere, crap in the shower... just a mess.

And the mess spilled out into Armon's room... as you can see....
look at his dusty booty!!! ahahahaha :)

So armon had to clean. Nothing hotter than a boyfriend with a vacuum!!!!

The next day we headed out to Lowe's with a LIST of things to get for bathroom painting. This is my new favorite scarf by the way... you'll see it in all these pictures :)

thank God i know my way around a hardware store....
after triple checking the list we made it out with everything to start painting!

back at the house, armon and i started taping off the edges....

i changed into my "1995 TLC" inspired painting outfit
i was dancing and singing, "what about your frieeeennnnds!" lol

....cleaned the walls and then primed....

we took a break for dinner while the primer was drying, and then started painting.

yes, i'm standing on the vanity

and this is the bathroom after we finished painting!!
the baseboards need to be painted and the toilet needed to finished being installed but i think the color turned out great.

But I didn't spend my whole trip to Atlanta working on the bathroom.... we had some fun too!!
Sunday we went to go see the Dark Knight with Armon's brother Andre, and his friends Jerry and Mario. AMAZING movie.... if you haven't seen it, please go see it!! If you can, see it in IMAX; it's completely worth the extra money. Heath Ledger definitely is the star of this movie and deserves every award he's sure to be nominated for.

i think i was telling Andre something funny as we were leaving for the movies :)

then later that day we went to the Mario Andretti indoor race track.....
lemme just tell u, this was not play-play go cart racing for the kiddies.
there were grown men out there racing with us and these go carts went FAST -- they were like mini indy-cars.

this is the track...... S curves and all!!!

these are the go-carts....

they gave us these lil head sock thingies to go underneath the helmets.


this is me after ONE race (8 laps).... back in armon's bed!!!!
i was TERRIBLE at driving these carts...... partly because i'm so short i couldn't fully press the gas peddle. the steering was extremely tight and that course was HARD! when we were done, my arms were sore, and i was drenched in sweat. needless to say, we didn't do another race! lol
BUT it was fun... just more than we expected.

Armon has more pictures, but that was pretty much the bulk of the trip! My visits are always too short... and it gets harder and harder to leave each time! Now I'm back in NC... and it's back to work for me today! While everybody else is ready for their weekend, I'm getting ready to teach piano. I can't complain though, I love my job!
Have a great weekend ;)


  1. im guessing scarves do not have to match what you have on huh???

    i have yet to go to one of the adult go cart tracks, but i will soon.

    looks like you had a blast. glad to see YOU having fun. you need to do it more often


  2. I wish i had the patience to try to remodel a bathroom... maybe paint a little... but sanding and tiling... no ma'am... and you just mentioning going to atlanta made me fall into this immediate depression about how I must explore and get out of philly... I love my city... but it's not a love where I need to see it everyday, you know...

  3. @stew ----> nope, the scarf doesn't have to match... it just goes with everything!! lol the adult go cart racing was fun but intense!! i'd do it again... maybe! i working on having more fun.... slowly but surely.

    @coolkiddcann ---> you're right... its not difficult, it just takes PATIENCE. if you have help, its not as bad. we knocked out all the painting in this bathroom in a couple hours. you definitely should check out atlanta. its a cool place!! plus, ur bound to run into a celebrity.... on my way back Soulja Boy hit on me in the airport!!! True Story!! lol

    @sis ---> yes, it was fun... can't believe i won't be back until next year :( :(

  4. i need to hire you to do a couple jobs ive been putting off tools are collecting dust

  5. aww U should of got some pics of you racing lol! as I said before,Im glad you had a good time in ATL. You guys are too cute! and so is that scarf lol


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