Wednesday, July 2, 2008

12 it's wedding season

Is it just me, or does it seem like every weekend someone you know is getting married too?? This past weekend my cousin Titi (that's Attiya to you) got married in my hometown; the big city of Garner, NC. (LOL) The wedding was cute but most of all it was great just to spend time with my family for a *happy* occasion.

the programs were on the fans. kinda cute, huh?

mackenzie before the ceremony

my cousin monica and brien (mackenzie's parents) before the ceremony

half of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. they look so happy right? lol

tayari (titi's son) and jared's neice.
they were too cute

attiya and jared.
the new mr. and mrs. allen!

outside the wedding with my *11* year old cousin Leah.
She's wearing one inch heels and I'm wearing 4 inch heels in this picture.
We're still almost the same height... do the math!! lol
my aunt rutha and cousin tina, gotta love em!

i love this picture!
i look just like my dad, my sister looks just like my mom.
we're all laughing, and my sister looks pretty hot by the way ;)

best part of the reception: this groom's cake.
everything u see is edible!
i don't have anymore pictures from the reception because i was too busy WORKING!
i was a hostess, which translates to server/kitchen aide/babysitter/cleaner-upper.

been to any weddings this summer? tell me about them!


  1. no weddings for me. mostly because no one i know is getting married. i don't have much family, and most people I care enough about to go to their weddings are guys, young guys, so they are not even thinking about weddings.

  2. First; Congrads to Attiya and her husband!!! I wish many blessing for them both and that they continue to go strong as a couple and more more inlove EACH day :)!!!! I am LOVIN the groom cake...the barker just NEEDS to be beat lol, for having such a creative MIND---or was it the groom's idea lol?...either way that cake is FRESH!!!
    I haven't been 2 a wedding in like a 10 years!! Last wedding I was @ I was bored but started crying for some strange reason...suddenly 2 *shacking head* I probably wouldn't care @ one wedding I cry @ and attend will be my own :)

  3. I probably wouldn't cry @ one now *

  4. I havent been to any weddings this summer and honestly Im glad(mean right? lol)

    congrats to your cousin! you and adrianne look pretty as usual.

    LOL @ that cake. thats is sooo different! I like seeing weddings that arent so traditional..well the cakes anyway lol

  5. i dont look hot in that picture!!

    i look like a COW!

    omg lol

  6. so your hair is flawless.

    just wanted 2 let u know.

    *looking for flat-iron now*


  7. weddings just make me realize that my biological clock is ticking and i need to find a black man with good credit free of diseases who loves his momma

  8. @stew ---> it will start soon! we're not THAT young anymore.... how old were your parents when they got married?

    @tuesdai ---> LOL at you crying! My aunts were boohooing before Titi even got down the aisle... it was too cute

    @1/3 ---> You're glad you haven't been to any weddings?? Aaw man! Weddings are fun if done right! Plus, you get to see people from out of town. Me and my sister and the other hostesses had to wear black, so I kinda felt like I was at a funeral. lol

    @adrianne ---> WHAT are you TALKING about? That dress looks SMOKIN' on you!! :)

    @i.can't.complain ---> my dear you are too kind!! that hair took about an hour of curling and a half a bottle of hairspray to keep it like that in the 100 degree heat!

  9. Your right. Everyone is getting married. I have like two that I may have to go to soon. What to wear?

  10. @detroitrock ---> uum, i just looked at ur profile and saw ur 20 years old. YOU HAVE TIME HUN!!!! lol

    @brittany ---> ok, i'm glad i'm not the only one. figuring out to wear IS a problem for weddings! luckily, i was a hostess for this one so i had to wear black.... i only have one black summer dress!

    @stew ---> see, bet you hadn't thought about that had u.....?? WE R THAT AGE!!

  11. It was a really nice day. Congratulations to the happy couple.

    BTW who is that beautiful couple at the top of the page...oh that my wife and I :>)

    Happy Fourth of July to all.


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