Wednesday, July 30, 2008

7 just a little star

I just found this video for "Little Star" by Kelis and Cee-Lo.... I didn't even know this video existed but I love it! Who else but Kelis could rock a silver Michelin man suit and make it good? lol This was definitely my favorite album of summer 2007. Enjoy!


  1. You know, I can honestly say I've never heard this song...

  2. lol kelis is so weird lol But I love this song!

  3. Love Kelis personality and original style :)...but I'm with charles on this one, I've never heard of this song either...but I like it :)

  4. @charles ---> please go listen to this album!!! kelis is so under rated... this was my soundtrack to last summer!

    @1/3 ---> yes, she is quite odd... but she makes great music! gotta love her style too, she's so original

    @tuesdai ---> again, this whole album was fantastic!!! check it out

  5. how do y'all not know this song?!?!?! DID NO ONE GET HER LAST ALBUM?

    and niki! u call urself a kelis fan and never saw this vid?

    i'm disappointed and upset.


  6. @karrie b ---> calm down!! LOL

    i hardly ever watch videos... so i always get them a little late. MY BAD!! haha

    as for the folks who have never heard the song.... i don't kno what their excuse is!!

  7. i loved this song and video when i came out. I was disappointed to never see it on tv. It reminds me of a song on sesame street or something lol


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