Thursday, July 10, 2008

4 we are the ones

New video for OBAMA featuring celebrities.
What do you hope for from our next president?
I'm hoping for affordable healthcare and education for everybody
+ an increased focus and long-term plan on sustainability and environmental protection.


  1. I hope that the next pres can make our economy more stable. I hope he gets us out of the mess in Iraq. Just getting America was before Bush is all I wish for.

  2. Peace, A greener America (by providing incentives for those who comply), affordable education and healthcare, and the emergence of the middle class... which is everything that Obama stands for. BARACK the VOTE 08!

  3. I pray that President Obama will bring a complete CHANGE to a hurting and dyeing NATION in need of a chance...I hope this movement brings unity in each and every last communty around the NATION... because that's pure and power...a nation dividened against itself can not I hope for UNITY :) YES WE CAN AND WE SHALL! Obama!Obama!

  4. dang!!

    some of these black celebs are getting old..... like ol girl off of martin.

    but kerry washington is just as FINE as ever.

    i am feeling this vid though. i am hoping that OBAMA can bring this country back to where it should be.


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