Wednesday, May 27, 2009

4 summer wishlist

A few things I'm looking forward to in the coming months...

A jean jacket - I've been looking in a gazillion thrift stores for a good worn in one!

Margaritas - on the rocks, with salt please!

These shoes - and somewhere fab to wear them.
I have been slowly working on this, but hopefully by the end of the June I'll have it up and running!


  1. nice list...can't wait for you site to be up and running!!!!

  2. Cool. I have a jean jacket from highschool---its really funny how a lot of items that I kept from that horrible era are playing this summer. I want another one though--lighter wash. Nice list, those shoes are hot.

  3. @kid.a ---> yea, i'm working on it!

    @T ---> I had a jean jacket in high school too.... and i gave it away! i don't really keep a ton of clothes. wish i'd kept that tho! the shoes are from bebe...

  4. Those shoes... are sick!

    Too high for me, but you could def rock them!


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