Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1 the lastest apple takeover

So, unless you've been under a rock, you know that today Apple is showcasing their latest innovations, mainly the iPad. This tablet is basically in between a smartphone and a laptop/netbook; it has more functionality than a smartphone, but less capacity/size than your Macbook. I for one, am super excited about this new tablet, but as always, I won't be first in line to buy! Here's what Apple has released so far about this new technology.

Here are the spec highlights:
9.7 inch display, 0.5 thick and 1.5 pounds
All will have Wifi, some will have the option for 3G
Bluetooth, Microphone, Speaker, 30-pin connector
1Ghz A4 Chip with 16GB-64GB Flash storage
For 3G plans, AT&T will be offering $29.99/month unlimited data
iWork applications will be available for $9.99 each

And the cost of all this brilliance? Ranges from $499 - $829 The Wifi models will be available for purchase in 60 days, and the Wifi + 3G in 90 days.

Will you be buying one? I'm gonna hold out for the next "generation" for a few reasons. One, I think eventually this will have a front facing camera and telephone cabilities to enable video chat. Also, I really need a tablet that has a pen functionality for it to really be beneficial to me. And most importantly, this doesn't seem to have multitasking! So it's in essence, a big iPhone with more apps and a long battery life. Still, it's a pretty amazing piece!

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  1. Problem of this piece of technology: It doesn't do anything new. Yes, it's a multitouch tablet computer with a snazzy OS and the name of the de-facto trendsetter of the industry behind it. But it's essentially a 10" iPod, the missing front-facing camera makes it useless for video-calling as per Skype, the browser is still fatally limited and it doesn't run a full-fledged OS. The competition isn't sleeping, so time will have to tell if the iPad can stand the heat. If the Courier can run a full install of Win7 smoothly, I don't think the iPad will fare too well in the market...


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