Friday, June 25, 2010

9 help! i need this job

Lovely SingleBubblePop readers! I rarely ask you for anything at all, and I always appreciate you reading and commenting. But today, I'm enlisting your help!! If you live in Atlanta, chances are you've heard of Scoutmob. The mission of Scoutmob is to promote local businesses by offering one time discounts for absolutely free. They are a brand new company and growing fast and I want to be apart! I have applied for a position as a Social Media/Content Manager and I need your help to show them I've got what it takes!

I already sent this cover letter along with my resume to the staff, but I want to stage a BLITZ to make sure I get an interview!

Here's what I need you to do. Pick ONE of these options, do it, and then let me know that you did!

(a) Go to the Scoutmob Facebook Page, LIKE it, and let them know why you think Niki McNeill should be apart of their scouting team. Tell them how I love to keep you informed of what's going on in the city and how faithfully I update this blog!

(b) Tweet @scoutmob and let them know that you think @nikimcneill the perfect candidate for the Social Media/Content Manager position. RETWEET this post too!

(c) If you know me well enough and feel that you could speak volumes on my behalf, please email me and I'll give you the contact I emailed my information to. I would love it if you'd send a letter of recommendation for me!

I really appreciate your help in advance!! Happy Friday Ya'll ;)


  1. Thank you so much!! I got a message from Scoutmob saying they are considering my application - progress!

  2. I twitted and FB, it's a done deal. Best wishes. And what's for you and good for you you'll get.

  3. My fb page barely has any info, but I hope they will accept my response :)

  4. I saw you at the CRAVE event last week but didn't have the opportunity to meet you. I am glad I found your blog! I was inspired last week and finally started my own. I will retweet this for you too!



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