Tuesday, June 29, 2010

8 my new place

So I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was moving, and now I'm pretty much all moved in to my new place! I'm excited to be here and love it thus fare but I have to admit it's pretty empty in here to say the least. It needs a lot of work to make it really feel like home, and I'm excited to be able to share the process here on SingleBubblePop. Here are some shots I took of the space as it is now... Don't laugh!

Our bedroom - the only color right now is a quilt my Aunt made for me! That will change soon...

I'm going to have to get really creative with space planning to fit everything we want to into this office/guest bedroom. Between my supersized computer, piano, about 6 guitars not pictured here and all our other STUFF. Where would somebody sleep?

I love the kitchen area - it's just the right size for me and it's open to the living room & dining area. The dining set we have now was a hand-me-down, but I have plans to create some more seating through a banquet arrangement...

And lastly, our living room area. We got this great couch off craigslist for a steal! And its a good foundation for the room. I have a custom art project planned for above the sofa that's really fun... Can't wait to show you!

I love that I have a blank slate to create in, and I'm looking forward to sharing the "before & afters" with you all! I still have quite a few things in NC that I plan on bringing back soon, and we actually have more our stuff to move in from our old place too. The transformation I have planned for this apartment is going to be dramatic. Stay tuned!


  1. What a gorgeous place! The bones are so nice, it will be easy to make this place perfect for you both!

  2. This is soooo exciting!! You get to start fresh and create the kind of space you want! I look forward to seeing your process and end result! :-)

  3. Cute place! Did you know ATL is getting a CB2? Great store and not expensive! www.cb2.com


  4. can't wait to see how you transform the place, niki!

  5. Jess >> Thanks so much! I'm loving it so far :-)

    Bev >> You know you're welcome to come visit!

    Travels >> I heard about CB2, it's going to be on 10th street right? Can't wait!

    Dayka >> I'm going to be following your DIY lead! ;)

  6. You're place is awesome! I can't wait to have some girls nights there, lol!

  7. Looking forward to seeing all that you do!! I KNOW it will be fabulous! Hope you include some of your fashion drawings!

  8. I know you are going to make it amazing!! I loved seeing the blank slate...

    P.S. I think your birthday art is going to look great, don't you?


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