Thursday, March 29, 2012

0 DIY in progress

niki mcneill DIY tufted headboard
I'm working on a tufted headboard for my studio and MAN, is it difficult! I'm happy with the progress so far but I had to take a break from it last night because my hands were sore & my frustration level was approaching 10.

A few tips for anyone attempting tufting on your own:

1) Make sure you get a super long needle! My needle is not long enough and I've been struggling to work it through the holes.

2) Make sure the holes you create in the foam are a nice size (two fingers) and very clean so the needle doesn't snatch on the sides.

3) I used 4 inch foam for my headboard, which I think is a bit much to have to pull buttons through! 3 inch should be just fine.

Wanna see the results? Don't worry: I'll have a step by step tutorial including some VIDEO once it's done next week!

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