Monday, January 14, 2008

6 just so you know....

Today is January 14th, which means that we are exactly one month from "Single Awareness Day". I am a person who has never enjoyed this day and is usually inclined to wear all black on this supposed day of love. So when I walk through every retail store and there is already an entire isle devoted to pink and red CRAP that nobody really wants, I wonder, does anybody else despise this ritualistic fodder as much as me? I would like to make the day into something positive and meaningful.... but its hard when all my memories associated with Valentine's Day are tied to resentment, disappointment and even disdain.

Nevertheless, this year I am determined to make it a good day, or at least not a bitter one. So leave me a comment and let me know what you do to make it less of a commercialize crock of s%&$ and more a sentimental happy occasion.


  1. yea pretty much not meant for guys at all. we just have to spend all the money

  2. girls spend money too!! i know some women that spend just as much on their man.... a lot goes into looking good, buying gifts and doing things for your significant other on v-day... but is it really all necessary??

  3. hey twin! as u kno i've been single for a while and i too never look forward to this girls and i started a tradition, that unfortunately might not be happening this year bc we're spread out all over the country now, but we would all get together for singles nite and get dressed up and go out...we'd enjoy each other's company and it def took our mind's off not being boo'd for the spending money, thats just the american way lol

  4. Lol, first - i love this blog! Maybe a little too much actually... But last year i had a really great valentine's day full of sexy outfits, dinner, cupcakes, a movie, love, fun, GIRLfriends. We decided that since none of us had dates, we would celebrate the holiday with each other instead of sitting at home wishing we had dates. But, the thing that makes my 2007 valentine's celebration quite odd is that i actually did HAVE a boo. Well, more like a boY, who decided that his birthday was more important than spending valentine's with his significant other. Soooo, i completely understand that feeling of going into wal-mart with a smile to browse for a few items i don't even need and walking out with a disgusted frown b/c i stumbled upon that God-forsaken aisle of CRAP! I've never had a good 2/14 with a man and my future looks rather dull. But, nonetheless, the day is a month away and in my opinion it can't arrive quick enough. The sooner it comes, the sooner it can go!

  5. hey. it's a day of love. not just..showing love for "men" that we are in relationships with. since ironcially i'm usually in the process of a break up or starting to date near single awareness day. i use it to just...let folks know --- i love ya!! b/c there are those ppl who have been there and will be there for this awareness day..and those to come!! something fun for you...and them! :)
    think about all the positives going on with you...and all your loves of..things...people...and life

  6. Cool blog. Raleigh? Me too.
    Anyways, im content with being single this year....aint no thing. Valentines Day will probably come and go without me noticing at all. It really doesnt bother me. Just think...most people are celebrating the day the same way we are mannn. It only SEEMS the other way around.


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