Monday, April 28, 2008

4 artist spotlight: jeff koons

"Celebration" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

I love how the panoramic reflections are part of the forms..... and the outdoor installations seem like part of the distant sky line. So fun! For more info on Jeff Koons, click here.



  1. so neat.

    we have to do a trip together this summer before you leave :(

  2. i shouldve totally went to see this.


  3. Why do these things remind me of christmas ornaments lol. Cool exhibits dont exist like this in Bmore. Got to explore the art life in NYC I see<--that rhymes lol

  4. @Adrianne: YES! I leave from NYC so we should just go up there a week early and hang out... with Karrie B!! haha

    @KarrieB: yes... you should GO! If I was NYC, I would have taken you ;)

    @1/3: lol they do have that Christmas ornament look sort of.... and I'm sure there are cool exhibits in Bmore too... just gotta find them!


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