Sunday, May 4, 2008

3 My First Shoutout:

This is some funny stuff. I grew up with a few of the guys in the group (John Holland & Rickey Baskett) and I gotta say that the stuff that they put together is really HILARIOUS. They have much more than just comedy stuff posted so be sure to look at all of their videos. Check them out, show them some love, and if you got a little extra money laying around get their DVD. Tell them Stew sent you. These guys are on the rise and I can PROMISE that you will see them in the future.



  1. i really need that "gingerale" mp3 in my life.


  2. I found out about these guys last year sometime. I don't remember how but they are pretty funny. I have watched all their videos.

  3. i saw rickey this weekend for the first time in a coupla years this weekend! remember when I was IN LOVE with him in middle school? ;)

    i wish these guys all the best... i'll definitely buy the DVD!


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