Sunday, May 18, 2008

6 NO WORDS!!!!

How can you make the hottest song out right now even hotter? Add the #1 rapper in the game right now.

I've probably listened to this song about 100 times today... just pure hoteness!!!



  1. are u joking.

    ughhh wtf this shit is so annoying. that t-pain synthisizer has gotten out of control.


  2. yea, court....

    i have to agree. i hate this song! i really can't even listen to more than 20 seconds of it.

  3. haters x 2

    i hate the fact that i like this song, but you gotta admit that this song is hot.

    there is another remix with gorilla zoe on it that is sick also

  4. LOL!

    I don't care... I still love it! Love to see that there are actually people who hate the song though because you two are definitely the first I know...:-P

  5. Ye murdered this remix!!! Loves it!!!


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