Friday, September 5, 2008

6 in route + first photos!

I'm now in Florence and it's even more beautiful than I imagined. It took a LONG time for me to get here: I left NC at 6AM on Tuesday morning and got to NY around 10:30. My Aunt Rutha was nice enough to pick me up from La Guardia and take me to lunch and then we spent some time relaxing at her house in Queens.

The bridges and NYC!

My Aunt Rutha and our massive lunch from Joe's Diner!

After that she got me on my way to JFK airport where my flight for Zurich left at 6PM. I got to meet some of the girls in my program there, and I was able to sit with one of my rooomates on the plane which was great. Her name is Becca and she's from PA. The flight from JFK to Zurich was about 8 hours. The plane was nice! They fed us dinner, there were movies to watch on individual little screens and games. I slept (uncomfortably!) for about 5 hours of the flight, and then we had breakfast right before we got to Zurich. Oh and they gave us this swiss chocolate on the plane that was SO GOOD!! Ha! So we got to Zurich at about 7:30AM here, which is about 1:30 AM in EST and had a layover until 12:50. The Zurich airport really wasn't that big but I was able to catch some internet for a few minutes and email back home. The group of us just rested and had a little snack before getting on the flight to Florence.

Inside Zurich airport.

You know you're in Scandinavia when all the furniture looks like this....

Florence was only an hour and a half flight from Zurich so we arrived in what seemed like no time. The plane was much smaller but actually more comfortable than the first!

One of my other roomates, Olivia waiting to get onto the plane!
At this airport, they took us out to the runway by bus and then you board the little planes like this.

Swiss countryside.

Clouds :)

My apartment is right in the middle of the city and I'm so close to everything. We got to the city around 2pm on Wednesday and went straight to our apartments. They recently renovated it so it's pretty great! I share a room with Becca and the room is so big it doesn't feel like two people live in it at all. We have a full kitchen, which has a second shower and sink in it...... but no microwave!! lol

The newly renovated main bathroom....

entrance hallway

my bedroom



view from my window!

I have tons of pictures of the city already!! I will post them later but for now I'm off to dinner with my school group... CIAO! ;)


  1. aww I'm glad things are starting off well for you niki!!! I'm glad you are safe to:-) I can't wait to see more pics:-)

  2. wowzas!! swiss chocolate is amazing. I do remember.

    these pictures don't even show much of italy, but I really want to come visit already:(

  3. the pics look great!!!! i am so excited and proud of you!!!!

    your apt looks nice and comfy...i thought it was gonna be smaller than that. i'm with adrianne, although these pics don't show much, I WANT TO VISIT AND SEE ITALY W/ YOU!!!

    can't wait to see more!

    oh yeah what is that thing next to the looks like a toilet sink!??!

    love ya!

  4. it looks so amazing!!! i hope you are enjoying yourself.

    let me know how it is to use those strange little toilets

  5. niki baby, i'm so proud of you. i miss my bbf (blog best friend) lots and lots and im so sorry we couldnt hang before u left. eat lots of gelato and pasta. get fat!

    lubs you lots heffarita.


  6. @1/3 ---> things have gone really smoothly so far!! i'm really happy about it.

    @adrianne m ---> that chocolate was amazing... i want some more!! come visit!!

    @kid ---> yes the apartment is much bigger than i expected, very nice and comfy! we have a huge couch and living area too... and i didn't post a picture of that.

    i miss u terribly, wish you could be here too!

    @stew ---> it IS amazing! i've been taking tons of pictures just trying to capture the essence of it but they don't do it justice.

    as for the toilet thingie... haven't tried it! haha

    @karrie b. ---> miss u too girlie!! i'll make sure i get some good shots of my nose in Florence for u, k? haha


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