Monday, September 29, 2008

9 "oggi faccio pollo fritte perla cena"

"Today I'm making fried chicken for dinner!!" That's what popped into my head this morning in the shower. I will have been here a month this Thursday and it really feels like I've been here for two! I think my craving for fried chicken is my way of missing home!! Things are great here but I do wish I could transport so many people and things from the states here to be with me.

So anyway, I did fry some chicken!! haha And some apples and I was gonna make macaroni and cheese but there was no appropriate cheese at the stores on my street. BUT, I will find some cheese soon.... and that macaroni will be made. My roommates were amazed at my chicken frying abilities.... but I didn't even marinate this chicken overnight this was just a quick fry!! I don't feel that I'm special because I can fry chicken; I feel like the southern (read country) girl that I am when I'm frying chicken!! Anyway here is a picture of my country dinner here in Italy.

home sweet home on a plate!


  1. yummy!!! i cant't believe its been a month!

  2. that looks like fried fish.....must be chicken breast

    and no one cares that you can speak a little bit of italian. keep that to yourself

  3. lol i obviously miss u bc im back to comment again.
    u always cook broccoli! i just realized that.

    those apples look DELISH. u know i'm not that big big on fried chicken. just maybe 1 1/2 of a big

  4. mmmmmm. fried apples look like the business!


  5. stew: stop bein a hatin ass hater


  6. mmmm, that looks

    its funny, cuz i just moved to texas
    and i recently asked this person
    where I could find some fried chicken.
    and not the ones at like popeyes or kfc,
    but that "chicken shack chicken", with fries,
    colesaw, and a slice of wonder

    looks as though my own creations will have to
    do until i too go back home!

  7. @adrianne m ---> i knooo, i can't believe it myself some days...

    @stew ---> yea it was chicken breast fillets... they didn't have pieces at the grocery store..

    @my sis, again ---> yes! i love brocolli... its the perfect vegetable haha. the apples were GOOD.... and u kno u like some fried chicken every once in a while!!

    @kb ---> they were! my roommate BEGGED me for some haha

    and yes, stew is a hating on my italian skills!

    @D.son ---> that is so funny that you couldn't find any good fried chicken in Texas!! In North Carolina we have Bojangle's and Smithfield's that sell REAL down home fried chicken for when you need that fix! haha KFC chicken scares me... its weird!

  8. This reminds me of some designer...I can't think of his name...but while he was living in Paris, he made extra money by selling fried chicken dinners out of his apartment. Of course he was from the south, and I heard he made a good amount from selling those.

  9. @b.c.u ---> why didn't i think of that while i was over there??? lol


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