Tuesday, October 28, 2008

6 southern italy part 2: amalfi coast

My weekend was so great I had to break it up over two posts! After we left Pompeii on Saturday we headed down to the town of Veco Equense. This was such a cute little town and we used the free time we had to walk around and eventually have some great seafood. For the rest of the night we just hung out in our gorgeous hotel and Becca read Tarot cards for some of the other girls... we drank cheap red wine out of the plastic hotel cups (real classy!)... it was a good time!

driving into veco equense...

our perfect little hotel...

veco equense at night!

seafood!! the fried calamari and shrimp was so good! i was extra greedy and did not share a bit. lol mackenzie was scared of the shrimp. HA!

later that night....

me being stealthy in the corner,
drinking wine out of a plastic cup,
in my hoodie dress,

slightly resembling a gnome...

views from our rooms the next morning...

me! excited about another day of great weather on the coast.

The next day we moved along to Sorrento where we spent the rest of the afternoon! Sorrento is a gorgeous town with amazing views of the Amalfi coast. Unfortunately, I couldn't really capture all the beauty from the bus ride in but here are a few flicks from the city center and the bay.

view of sorrento from the port! (click for better quality)

I wish everybody who is seeing this could have been there too... These towns were amazingly beautiful and the weather was spectacular. Now I'm back in Florence where its raining and getting cold! Hope you enjoyed the pictures...
Ciao ;)


  1. its sooo beautiful over there...i have to go there soon.

    p.s. ur gnome pic was cute!!! lol

  2. drinking wine out of a pixie cup?

    FAIL babygirl.

    be glam, not ghetto.

    that's a cute hoodie! A.A.?

    love ya.


  3. @bloggal ---> yes! u should come here as soon as u can...

    @karrieb ---> haha yes, we very well knew the classlessness of drinking wine out of plastic cups.... but the hotel had a no outside food policy, and we snuck the wine in... so we couldn't ask for wine glasses! Italians charge you for EVERY THING. lol and yes, that's an AA hoodie... i looooove it! They have an AA here, actually!

  4. i'm soo freakin jealous!! i just paid 225 for mcat and while ur takin a gnome pic i'll be studying the human genome!! so freakin whack!!!

  5. @tashara ---> don't be jealous!! in ten years when i'm still paying for all this.. you'll be living the good life!! haha

  6. Beautiful!!!!! I like the red hoodie too. Wish I was there.


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