Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 [insert title here...]

Whoever designed this space is amazing! The use of color, shape and line is truly a work of art. The merchandise fits with the decor so perfectly, the whole room looks like one big painting! The color scheme reminds me a lot of the artwork Takashi Murakami did for Kanye West's last album. See --->
As an interior designer, this would be a dream job for me! But I have to say, I feel bad for anybody that has to work in this space everyday.... it would be kind of disorienting at first getting adjusted to all thats going on in there!


  1. ur down for doing MY album art, right?


  2. of course! just let me know when to begin ;)

  3. its a pretty dope space but ur right its a little disorienting. especially the last pic...pretty cool tho.


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