Monday, November 3, 2008

7 italian halloween

Halloween isn't celebrated widely here in Italy because of the overwhelming Catholic population. They celebrate All Saints and All Souls day which are November 1st and 2nd. But, there are tons of American students here who bring the tradition into Florence. We found decorations at the dollar store and since it was Becca's birthday, we had a little party at my apartment! It turned out so well!! More people than we anticipated came and they came with lots of good food and a lot of wine too! It was really a group effort which made it even more fun. Most of us didn't dress up in costume, but since we were hosting, my roommates and I dressed nicely. I think Becca had the best time out of everybody which is great, since it was her birthday! Then after we stuffed ourselves with food we left the apartment to check out this Jazz Club not too far from our apartment. It was too cute!! They had a full band which was cool, and they played all these old American Soul songs all night: Aretha, Tina, James... even the Isley Brothers. We'll definitely go back! Anyway, here's some photographic evidence....

hot girls


my roommates. this is so, THEM haha

i have no idea...

becca's birthday crepe!

minnie mouse and the cutest couple in Florence

Jazz Club and Han!

by the time we left for the Jazz Club,
Becca was LEANING... lol

chris, wasted Becca, Han and the band at the Jazz club!
it was really that dark, it was fantastic!

overall it was a great night... ciao! ;)


  1. seems like italy has made you a little more sexy.

    what is that?

  2. i don't know about that stew.... i do take a lot of pictures with armon on my mind tho haha! i tell my roommate, "take this for armon!" and then pose ;)

  3. i knew you were fab but italy is making you extra FAb!

  4. @adrianne & court ---> thanx!!! i try to look good when I know a camera will be out ;)

  5. haha @ u posing for you pookie. cute. you have shapely legs.


  6. @kb ---> you kno it! gotta give him something to dream about ;)


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