Tuesday, December 9, 2008

5 artist spotlight: kara walker

"I think of the work in that way that you have dream images, and the door and the hippopotamus actually represent the same thing. They’re all stemming from the same impulse somehow, which is something like a will toward chaos..." - Kara Walker


  1. I like it! didn't we see some of this art in the HIGH ART Museum?!?

  2. I saw this at the Museum of Modern Art in Chicago....

  3. ughhhhh I wish I could see her work in person. She's one of my favorite artist only behind Frida. You don't see a lot of black female artist out there. She graduated from my old art school and people would see her just walking around the Woodruff Arts Center,I think I would have lost it if I saw her,like some art groupie or something equally sad...

  4. now all i gotta do is become rich so i can afford my own! lol

  5. @kid.a ---> yes! they did have one of her silhouettes! she's amazing

    @sosincere ---> cool! she's one of my favorite artists of all time

    @lumen ---> i would love to meet her!!

    @melody.d ---> yes, i'd love to own one of her prints one day too


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