Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3 artist spotlight: frank stella

Frank Stella is an American contemporary abstract artist who focuses on the interaction of color. I discovered him in my color theory class last spring and fell in love with his work.

This painting, "Raqqa II"is at the NC Museum of Art here in Raleigh... It's 120 x 300 inches, taking up an entire wall of the gallery. I loved it so much I based my final project on it!

The above paintings are characteristic of his 1970s works. In the 80s he began to experiment with mix media and exhibit more free, loose technique.


  1. I really like his work. I'm more familiar with work from the 70's. I think the High has a few of his pieces.

  2. Yay! Yea his work from the 70s is definitely the most popular. And yes! I saw a piece of his at the High too!

  3. YO FRANK STELLA IS MY DUUUUUUUDE! Mad respect for posting this Niki!


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