Wednesday, February 4, 2009

6 minni havas



  1. wow! skills...

    i like em...i wish i had the patience to learn how to draw like this...

    looks like i just have to stick w/ stick figs...

  2. she bangs! some of the illustrations look so real too!

  3. i missed this before!!
    these pictures are amazing.
    the little doggy reminds me of coco!
    this stuff looks scaringly (is that a word?) real

  4. @kid.a ---> you do way better than stick figures! give urself some credit

    @melody --> yea, the second one is my favorite! the hair looks like you could touch it!

    @kay ---> my toughts exactly!

    @adrianne ---> i knooooo the doggie reminded me of coco too ;)


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