Tuesday, August 4, 2009

6 A love affair...


This must be what love looks and feels like!

Nicholas Kirkwood has an amazing vision for women's footwear and the Autumn '09 collection DOES NOT disappoint!

His designs are very architectural, but would set off ANY outfit...from a night out at the club with your girls to a hot first date to a business meeting on Monday morning.

Check out the Nicholas Kirkwood site for more amazing shoes!

I'll continue to drool and dream...


  1. love love love these!! these would make me like, 5'3"!!! haha

  2. wow--- shoes designs are out there nowadays.. now im wondering is this hard to walk in - is it comfy and all of those questions..

  3. @niki.mac: Just 5'3''?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
    @trecia: who cares about comfort?! do you see how FLY those shoes are? you'll be the hottest girl sitting at the club! LOL

  4. I CERTAINLY AGREE. Love these! <3

  5. Those r soooo cute! and aww at u only being 5'3 with heels on lol.

  6. Knowing me, I would walk around my house with these on...just because I could.


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