Wednesday, January 27, 2010

6 office s p a c e

I am in desperate need of an office space! I don't even have a a desk right now and I do all my "work" from my couch... on my tiny netbook. When I'm working on artwork, I do it on our dining room table... with poor lighting, and not a lot of room to spread out. After getting my new tablet, it's become so clear that I definitely need a defined, comfortable and *beautiful* work space. Here are some images from aroun the web that are inspiring me right now.

I like the idea of stacking frames of art within arms reach...
It makes the artwork more accessible!
The vintage desk with all those drawers would keep me organized too...

LOVE the chalkboard calendar in this one... and I actually have a vintage-looking black phone like the on the desk :)

Tiffany Blue is one of my favorite colors and added an upholstered chair with the nail head trim just makes this little office nook so elegant!

For some reason, I'm always attracted to the color orange...
I think think it sparks productivity and creativity in me. And how cute is the little white ceramic puppy??

images via design sponge, elements of style and get togetha

P.S. - can you believe January is almost over? I feel like this month flew by....


  1. i need to make that chalik board! t

  2. I love the chalkboard idea! There is also a "Magnet" paint that is just white that you can paint under the chalkboard paint so that you can write in chalk or put magnets directly on the wall. I did that in someone's home, (The magnet paint) but I never thought to paint the chalboard over it!
    I agree on the dedicated space thing. We finally got a room that is dedicated to just an office and when guests visit, (NEVER), we will have a sleeper for them. (BTW, I think you do pretty darn well from the dining table! Your artwork is FIERCE!)

  3. my desk isn't beautiful but you can use it...we can clean it up when i get home???

  4. @tam-sam :::: me too!! i wish i had a big enough space to do that...

    @tammy ::: magnet paint is a good idea too! i love posting inspiration pics up when i'm working. i'm glad you like my work, thanks!

    @kid.a :::: thanks for offering up your desk :) <3 u!

  5. I love this wall calendar... I am terrible at planning that far in advance and that's prob the only way I would really use a calendar lol.

  6. I love the chalkboard calendar and the white/orange shelving.

    Right now, I have a tiny desk that is not conducive to the way I write--having Word open on the laptop and having my stack of notebooks close by. My space just isn't big enough to make a change. Hoping to move into a larger creative space before this year ends!


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