Wednesday, March 3, 2010

4 rebecca ward for kate spade

Check out this amazing installation Rebecca Ward created for the Kate Spade store in Tokyo. Can you imagine working here? This was all done with colored tape. Amazing!

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  1. SOOO cooool. I love the pink it's so bright and cheery. I'd be afraid someone would touch it or fall on it though. I hope it's sturdy or in a place where people can't get near it.

  2. I Love This...I could sit in that room for hours.

  3. @lemangum --> i love it! i think the tape would stay as long as u didn't snag it....

    @bbecca ---> we should've decorated our apartment in Italy like that! ;)

  4. that must've took a long time to put up. pretty cool tho. looks like a candy store and not a clothing store. man i can't wait to get back to Tokyo!


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