Monday, April 12, 2010

3 castleberry hill art stroll

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll in downtown Atlanta. It was really cool to tour some amazing art galleries and the weather was perfect for it! If you're in Atlanta, you should definitely check out this monthly event. Some months they have themes, but they always have a great mix of art from incredible artists! The best part about it... it's FREE.

Here are a few pictures I took while we were there
(with my iPhone, sorry for the bad quality!)

Lo & Beasley outside of Sage, a really cool natural beauty store. And a mural from the unfinished building that house a pin-up!

Life-sized multimedia art + another shot of the pin-up...

...and me! Admiring some amazing oil paintings.
Lauren, notice the coffee mug. :)

Check out these photos from Atlantan magazine of some of the gorgeous galleries of Castleberry Hill. My favorite was the one in the first photo, with this dramatic glass staircase in the middle of it!

The Art Stroll was a great way to spend a Friday evening. Hope you all had a great weekend too!! I have a What I Wore sketch coming up later today, stay tuned!


  1. LMAO @ your coffee mug. Thelma and I went to Target to get a classy container, decided not to spend the money then just poured rum into a gallon jug with some OJ left in it. Hilarious!! Durham is having an art walk downtown this Sat and Sun and I def think I will go. This looks really cool.

  2. The coffee mug worked so well! You should try it! :)

    Yes, definitely check out the Art Walk this weekend, it's really inspiring - and there will probably be some cute single inntellectual MEN out! :-D


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