Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5 oh how I love thee...

...Sarah Richardson, let me count the ways!

I dream of designing spaces this beautiful. One day! If you don't know this phenomenal designer, please get to know her HERE!


  1. she is great and so are you! we're only waiting on you. You've got what it takes!

  2. She's on my list of favorite interior decorators or is it designer? I never know :)

  3. The designer above is great but, you are as well. Remember what we talked about, a couple years from now we will laugh :)

  4. @Erika - thank you! that really means a lot comign from you! ;)

    @the zhush - her portfolio is amazing, all perfect!

    @Tonia - she's most definitely a designer, decorators can't legally do full renovations - and Sarah is known to rip a place apart! :)

    @Rosalynn - I'm on my way!! :)


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