Wednesday, October 6, 2010

9 real living rooms

UK fashion designer Mary Katrantzou took the idea of a "living room" to a whole new level by creating these outstanding prints displaying luxurious interiors on avant garde silhouettes. Can you believe this detail?

I would totally wear this one!

The chandelier necklaces are brilliant.

I love these lampshade inspired skirts...

And how cute is it to have the floral arrangements be the sleeves?

Thank my friend Thelma for this awesome find!!



  1. Niki, I am going to have to come back and view these, for some reason the images are not showing on my screen, rats!

  2. This is so innovative. I cannot get over the lampshade skirt!

  3. No way!!! Those can't be for real. They are so cool and they almost look photoshopped because the fabric details are so perfect. I really enjoyed looking at these. Hope you are having a good week. Are you going to be at Blayne's blogger event tomorrow? Hope to see you there. xo, c-

  4. plays tricks on your eyes...pretty cool. different and interesting to look at.

  5. I so love this designer - great colour, pattern and imagination. It's like jewellery on a dress!

  6. I'm totally speechless! Amazing, and gorgeous and crazy...Not sure if you wear it or it wears you, but whatever. Stunning!

  7. Those dresses are so pretty and colorful,love!!!

  8. Hey, I've just found your blog (you found me on Twitter - thank you!) and I'm a fan already! It's so fun and you know what you're talking about and that is exciting to me. I am also thrilled to see a post on Mary Katrantzou - we were at college together; she's great isn't she?! I cannot get over her use of colour. She's unreal - have a look at her earlier work, too, it's crazy beautiful.

    Great blog - I'm subscribing right now!

  9. i love her designs!!! :)


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