Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 heart of haiti

Last month at the Lavish unconference, I was introduce to an amazing initiative from Macy's to help rebuild the disaster torn country of Haiti. As many of you know, the people of Haiti are a proud people; their history is a story of triumph in dire circumstances. They did not simply a hand-out, but rather a chance to work to rebuild their own. Many of the artisans in Haiti began producing beautiful pieces from the rubble left after the devastating earthquake that hit their home exactly one year ago today. Soon after, Macy's decided to partner with these artists to distribute their work through America in hopes of bringing some dignity and cash back to Haiti.

The line is called Heart of Haiti and the pieces are gorgeous!

These pieces and more are all available on and in stores nationwide. They are all affordably priced and one of a kind, handcrafted pieces. As you take some time today to remember those still affected by last year's tradegy, consider giving back while getting something beautiful for your home at the same time!


  1. thanks for the post. i will have to check it out.

  2. great cause. I love the decorative bowls.

  3. Hey! That is wonderful to know about, love those bowls. Thank you so, so much Niki for your kind comments on my post! Means the world!


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