Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 artist spotlight: janelle howington

This week I'm highlighting a talented painter from my home city: Raleigh! She is currently the Regional Artist in Residence art Artspace, a multi-studio space and gallery in downtown Raleigh.

Janelle is inspired by the ethereal nature of birds, and started painting them as a daily warm up for painting.

She is also an accomplished portrait artist and I absolutely love her style! She seems to paint the features of her subject as they would be remembered in a daydream or a quick glance.

And I love the soft colors - reminds me of spring! For more on> Janelle, check out her website.

All images by Brandi Moody via SavorNC Magazine Blog


  1. I love the way she paints the "eyes" of her subject. I feel that I'm looking into the eyes of someone real.

  2. I love the birds!!! I love birds!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and this post is so exciting because I live in Raleigh. I'll have to go check her out.


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