Wednesday, March 9, 2011

9 dreamer's digest: week 2

american in paris france travel

The cloudy, rainy skies have finally left Paris and the beautiful weather has arrived! This week the high has reached almost 55 degrees which is perfect weather for sight seeing.Today after class and a delicious lunch of Viatnamese pho, I visited the Montmarte district in the 18th arrondissement with two of my American friends who are also studying abroad with me and temporarily staying in the 18th for their homestay.

The 18th arrondissement is based around Sacre Coeur and of course, Moulin Rouge. Take a look!

american in paris france travel montmartre highest point
#19 A view of Paris from Montmartre! It’s the highest point in Paris so the views are amazing! That’s Paris’ Pantheon in the background...

american in paris france travel pastris boulangerie montmarte
#22 Pastries in a boulangerie in Montmartre.

american in paris france travel paris metro montmarte architecture
#25 One of the metro stops to access Montmarte, Abesses. One of the original Metro stops hence the architecture

american in paris france travel i love you wall 300 languages montmarte
#27 The “I love you” wall! I love you written in over 300 languages.

american in paris france travel fashion week model
#34 It’s Fashion Week! I happen to catch a model in the middle of a shoot.

american in paris france travel acre coeur cathedral
#42 Sacre Coeur! Probably one of my favorite churches in Paris. I wish I could show you why but unfortunately, you are not allowed to take pictures inside.

american in paris france travel acre coeur cathedral view
#48 The view from Sacre Coeur! The highest point in Paris.

Hope you enjoyed the brief tour! Au revoir et salut!


  1. Wow these photos are fantastic! Especially the pastries. YUM :) I hope that you are having a great time.

  2. Love it! My favorites were the pastries and the "I love you" wall

  3. Found You via Tamstyles...Can't believe I'm just finding you! Montmartre! I can't get back there soon enough!

  4. I am too jealous to continue reading!!! ha ha. jk love it

  5. Great shots! Have fun in Paris. I could totally go for one of those pastries right now! Definitely miss lazy mornings in Paris... enjoy!


  6. Wonderful pictures and scenery, Adrianne. Can't wait to see you there!!

  7. Are you really in my dream place?Oh my word! I want to go to Paris so bad have fun for me! xoxo


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