Monday, May 9, 2011

3 dining al fresco

Tis the season for warm days and cool nights; the perfect combination for outdoor entertaining. Here's some inspiration for dining al fresco in style!

Love these tin chairs paired with an elegant table setting!

No need for a complete patio set; mixing different chairs can create a beautiful eclectic feel.

No patio? No problem! Use pillows a easily movable benches and table to set up a dining room right in your yard. Hang decorative lamps above the table to mock the feel of a chandelier.

For a bold look: Use tile to add color and pattern to your patio. A cost effective way to get the same look is to paint your patio!

Don't dismiss the power of lighting! If you're serving dinner at dusk, why not light up the scene with affordable holiday lights? It takes a simple set up to a magical space.

Need assistance getting your outdoor space ready for spring & summer guests? Contact me today about creating a plan for your home!

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  1. I love the last image with all the twinkle lights . . . so charming! I'm ready to throw a party.

  2. Atlanta must be gorgeous about now! Great tips on the cushions outdoors. I also love those blue lanterns. Just the right amount of pop!

  3. The last pic reminds me of my outdoor wedding. We hung lanterns with candles in them in all of the trees. It was beautiful!

    Have a nice day, Niki!



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