Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 design talk with rachel stewart

Rachel & I had so much for chatting about design and art last week that it was hard to cut down this video to 5 minutes! One of the things that I loved about her home is she really collects only the things that she loves and are personal to her taste. Each unique piece had a story; much like the one she told about the "Charles" mirror!

rachel stewart design talk outtakes
This was my first time trying a new format for the web series and I hope you all like the "interview" style. Next time, I'll remember to face the camera, I promise! Rachel is so awesome, I'm hoping we can do some more webisodes together!

rachel stewart design talk outtakes
Here is another piece of Rachel's that she painting 10 years ago! I loved the combination of paint & photographs and there are even little shells on it too.

rachel stewart design talk outtakes
Rachel told me the craziest story about how she dreamed about this whiskey pourer, and then found it sitting up high on a shelf at a thrift store. She bought it, and wound up giving it to her boyfriend at the time. After they broke up, he refused to give it back & Rachel waited years before she scored another one on eBay!

rachel stewart design talk outtakes
Rachel's living room was bright, and modern with a twist. Her artwork pops against the sleek lines of her furniture.

rachel stewart design talk outtakes
And she has a great mix of "high & low" plus vintage pieces.

Please go check out Rachel's work here and let her know I sent ya! Thanks to The Stuyvesants for the background music and Creative Silence Photo for the intro photography of Rachel & me.


  1. Love this video. Rachel has some fabulous hair! Her space is chic and I love the open light. That whiskey pourer ex boyfriend sounds like a dud. I guess that's why he's an ex :) can't wait for the next episode.

  2. Hi Niki,
    Love the video and the new format is great. Rachel has a great style and it was fun to hear about her treasures. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
    All the best,

  3. thanks for posting the extra footage, I really enjoyed this..maybe when I finish my office space we can do another one!!!

    Rachel Stewart~


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