Single Bubble What? You may be wonder what exactly is a "SingleBubblePop"... In 2007, I started a little blog to share my art & design inspirations as I started interior design school. Stumped on what to call it, I came up with he title SingleBubblePop because that was the image that I would envision while clearing my mind; a single bubble, in a space so quiet that I could hear it pop.

Since then, readers from all over the world have watched me journey from recent college grad, moving across states, travelling the globe, balancing internships, juggling "day-jobs" to current business owner. All the while, I've been sharing my love for interior design, fashion, art & music on this site. While the mission, has always been the same, certainly the content and voice has grown with me over the years.

I appreciate each and every reader & look forward to your comments! If you ever want to connect with me, feel free to tweet me or drop me a line via email

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