Thursday, June 5, 2008

9 New Layout????

Well Well Well... Looks like we got a make over. I guess I should not be the one who introduces this to you folks, but I am SO excited about how awesome it is that I could not help myself.

Also I guess it would be more feasible to text Niki, or hit her on AIM to tell her that this new look is SLAMMIN', but I felt that making a post would be more appropriate.

So from me to you....Great Job.

Everyone please let her know how awesome this is.



  1. thanx stewie!

    and court!

    stew, where'd u get that tigger suit? :)

  2. i likes.

    i likes a lot.

    nice job niki ;-)

    the lady has skills, stew !


  3. fucking awesome nik!!!!!!!


  4. fucking awesome nik!!!!!!!


  5. i love its simplicity... and that prince pic... classic!

  6. @niki - you know i am into the the "fuzzie" lifestyle. i got it from a guy. we traded. i got Tigger and he got my daffy duck

  7. @i.can't.complain --> thanx! i try! i wish i had photoshop.... i do all this editing in microsoft!

    @karrie b ---> thanx girlie! can u see my papa's shot guns in the background of the header? he had about 20 lining the basement of his house!

    @eb the celeb ---> i love prince!! purple rain is one of my fave movies ever

    @stewie ---> oh yes, i forgot! :)

    @1980 ---> thanx! i got the idea when armon sent me these pictures of us in my grandpa's basement. it was like the "boom boom room" of Mayberry.... lol


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