Tuesday, June 10, 2008

12 artist spotlight: esra roise

I love these drawings by illustrator Esra Roise. So much energy and life with simple pencil on paper. She adds some color with watercolor. Enjoy!


  1. Cool artist pick Niki...very much so. Esra Roise artwork tells fun stories of adventures and outting of the Summer...very detailed and impressive. Her work kind of reminds me of yours...Your artwork is also very brilliant.

  2. @kid.a ---> yea she definitely inspires me to pick up my sketchbook!!

    @tuesdai ---> thank you ma'am! i love simple portraits like this, i have a sketchbook full of them

    @karrie b. ---> i think so too! love the way she captures the movement of hair... that's hard to do!

    @stew ---> it is amazing! i emailed her to tell her how much i love it too!

  3. These paintings are amazing:-) I cant even say anything else really.

  4. WOW..x..
    I cant seem to turn th music off on ur page..
    I cant find the music player.

    Nice Blog x
    Check me out x

  5. fly artistry... I wish I'd kept up with the drawing... oh well... I'm gifted with words so I'm straight

  6. tagged you too... so peeved I was late on that... tis what it is

  7. @ 1/3 ---> glad you like!

    @ melody ---> thanx! glad you like the blog. I checked you out and yours is pretty cool too.

    @f'n cannon ---> its never to late to pick up a sketchbook and pencil...

  8. oh and melody, the music player is in the "free good music post".... keep scrolling!

  9. @Niki: I would LOVE to feature some of your artwork on my blog, you HAVE MAD SKILLS...if that ok, just let me know :)


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