Monday, July 7, 2008

10 independence day

This fourth of July was the best I've had in years!!
I have so many pictures, but here are the best.
I love my family so much; it was great to have all my cousins together just hanging out and having a good time! Being with them just made me so thankful to be alive and healthy and loved.
The only thing that was missing was my boo....

my best cousin monica at the grill

me, eyeing the pool from the cabana

me, jumping into the pool

adrianne being fab

reubie breaking bread

jose cuervo + disarrono makes a great margarita!!!






caroline, my sister from another set of parents :)


makayla being fab, at 1 and a half ;)



my fabulous cousin susan graced us with her presence!
she came all they way from NY. i hadn't seen her in over 2 years.
love this girl! and yes, it runs in the fam ;)

la comida

the margarita man, charlie!

the kiddies

olivia! this was her signature pose for that day...
whenever a camera came out, she hit it!

see!! :)

sorry so dark! this was after the sun went down...
my sister, titi, rickey, me and susan!


so the power went out and what do we do?
eat cheesecake
play scrabble (i AM the scrabble master)
and continue to have a great time!

BT and mack

mackenzie, the scrabble master, my sister and caroline....
in the dark.

sleepy silliness

i hope your holiday was as great as mine.
ciao! ;)


  1. look at all the fabulous-nes

    toddlers in bikini's

    delicious food

    a beautiful niki.mac

    adrianne getting her jackie onassis on

    people jumping into a pool

    booze !

    u didnt leave one stone unturned

    happy belated 4th

    i love picture posts !


  2. picture posts are the best!!
    and so is family!
    love your blog, thanks for leavin your love on mine :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. the pics are wonderful!

    adrianne is GORG...

    ughhh i need to borrow some of your boobs...

    i'm stealing olivia's pose!


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. @i.can't.complain ---> thanx girl! it really was a perfect day. i have more picture posts coming this week!

    @yumna ---> yes! gotta love the fam... my parents were in the caymen islands and i really missed them! i love your blog too, thanx for coming by.

    @karrie b. ---> uum, compared to ur 4th of july this was so rated G!!! lol

    my sister is so fantastic! you most definitely can have some of my boobs.... that bikini is XL on top and XS on the bottom! :)

  7. you wearin that swim suit. i guess its time for me to get off my ass and get in shape as well

  8. @yasmeen & detroit ---> thanx girls!!!


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