Friday, July 4, 2008

6 artist spotlight: val

I found this artist named Val on Myspace. She lives in the UK and works as a decorator and painter. Her work is STUNNING!! I think she's using colored pencils and chalk pastels on different color papers, but she doesn't list her media on her site. Her plays with light and depth are amazing. Anyway, check it out!! (Remember none of these are photographs... they are all her original drawings.)

the next two are progress photos.....

finished product!
happy independence day! :)


  1. they look really real, almost... I thought the first two were pictures... but this is really great stuff.

  2. Happy Independence Day to you also :) I'll be off to see Hancock in a few hours...hopefully it's as good as they say it is, I think it'll be :)
    Cool artist pick!!! Val's work is; realistic, detailed and just flat out amazing....very skilled. But I think your drawings are just as excellent.

  3. @cool ---> yes! her stuff is almost photographic, but better!

    @tuesdai ---> Hancock was SO bad girl, don't waster your money!! You can definitely catch it on DVD lol

    I'm glad you think I'm somewhere on her level, I've still got a ways to go though!

  4., I should've listened lol....Hancock was PURE GARBAGE!!...seriously, I'm not even sure it's "DVD worthy" lol. *sigh/shacking head*...well, there's still Dark Knight LOL.

  5. i have never seen anything look that real. that stuff is amazing.

  6. Wow, it is almost impossible to think to think that those are just pictures... wow!


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