Thursday, May 29, 2008

9 third time's a charm

I went to my third concert this year last night: Alicia Keys with Ne-Yo and Jordin Sparks. Jordin came out first, of course, and even though she has an amazing voice her show was straight boring! She had no stage presence at all; it was like watching a segment of American Idol! No dancing, not even a outfit that caught your attention. She really should step up her live performances; that's what gives artists longevity! Ne-Yo was better than I thought he would be! He was smart, and had a lot of dancers on stage to make him look good! Also he had a story line that went along with his set that was really cute.

Then came Alicia.

Alicia Keys is nothing short of amazing. Her stage set was DYNAMIC to say the least. She definitely is right up there with Kanye with the hottest stages I've seen. Phillips Arena is humongous and her stage took up one whole side of it. The huge LED screen was probably about 20 feet tall, and the light panels behind her were around 10 feet tall I'm guessing. These pictures don't really do it justice. Even her back up singers sounded perfect! She performed for 2 full hours, and sounded flawless the whole time. I think she might have done nearly ever track off her 3 records.

Of course, Armon and I took a ton of pictures. Here are some of the best. Click for bigger shots.

ciao! ;)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

14 birthday fun

I spent my birthday with Armon and my family and friends!! Here are a ton of pictures. Thanks to EVERYONE who wished me happy birthday. It was a great one! :)

First of all, Armon made me open my presents from him the night before, which I hate doing because for some reason I always feel like I'm only going to get one birthday present so if I open it the night before, I'll have nothing for my actual birthday. I know, it doesn't make sense, I'm just crazy like that. Anyway, I did it anyway and I'm glad I did!! Excuse my raggedy appearance, I was babysitting prior to these being taken.....

Donny Hathaway's first LP.
An amazing pianist, one of my favorite artists of all time!!


Ok, let me just say that I have no clue how Armon found these shoes!! I posted them here months ago, and they came out this month. But I wear a size 5 which is boys sizing.... plus they were sold out everywhere!! I was shocked that he got them for me! My new favorites, for sure!

The next morning: See the date? It's my birthday!! :)

I got roses and calla lillies from my best cousin Monica and her family!

This is what the sky looked like all day. PERFECT weather.

Shopping for the party in my new kicks ;)

Getting ready!

Man and Ebony getting ready

She's so cool

My Hello Kitty cake ebony surprised me with!!
The Hello Kitty is a compact with a little comb in it. Too cute!!

My friends brought me balloons :)

My dad got my Carolina basketball beer glasses.
That's my game face!

One of my 3 Meredith friends came: Laura!! I love her :)
My hottt sister!!!

My sister's cute friends Madison, Caroline and Akilah.

Something was funny.

We love each other.

My booty. My kicks :)

Kelli!! And David's head


My dad showed up with my Uncle Billy in his new Porche.
We all hopped in for a test drive!! I'm sitting on David lol

Daddy, Sissy, Uncle Billy

My dad thinks he's cool in his boots.

Me kicking Armon's butt in Scrabble. I am the Scrabble master.

Me and Lauren

Me and Kelli
The girls and I.

2 memorial day pool party

My cousin Monica and her family hosted a cookout on Sunday. Lots of fun with the kiddies and my friends too!! Her friend Deanna took all these great pictures. Enjoy! ;)

Olivia and Matea being diva-tastic. These two brought wardrobe changes....
you can't wear the same swimsuit all day you know!!

Deanna's girls hoola hooping
Jasmine and Ebony


My mommy is so cute!!

Just wanna kiss her!

Olivia modeling :)

Brien, Monica's husband on the grill!!

Matea and Ella

Some of the ladies!! Kelli, Annette, Dottie in the back, My mom, me, Monica and my sister Adrianne
Schooling the little ones on how to hold that hoola hoop up!!

Model poses!! All these girls are sisters, Deanna is there mom.

My roomie Eb, my best cousin Monica, and Kelli
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