Monday, May 19, 2008

Fair Game or No...?

I personally think that a man sticking up for his wife is one of the sexiest things ever... but being that this is a presidential campaign, do you think that criticizing Michelle Obama is fair game? Leave a comment please...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

6 NO WORDS!!!!

How can you make the hottest song out right now even hotter? Add the #1 rapper in the game right now.

I've probably listened to this song about 100 times today... just pure hoteness!!!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

9 my new love: google reader

Ok so I read a LOT of blogs....

So many that I ran out of space on my little subscriptions toolbar in Mozilla....

And today I discovered Google Reader... the best thing I've learned all week!! If you love Gmail, you'll love this!! Here's how it works. Go to and under the More tab you'll find Reader. When you get to the reader home page, you can enter in the url of the blogs you read under 'Add subscription' and it automatically uploads all the latest posts, just like your Gmail collects email.

The cool thing about it is, you have all your favorite blogs all in one place and you don't have to keep checking the individual pages to see when new posts arrive!

To make it even more super awesome fantastic.... you can add Google Reader Lab to iGoogle! iGoogle pretty much runs my life... and the Google Reader lab lets you peak at the blog posts right on iGoogle. Just click on the new posts and a lil bubble pops up!! How cute is that???

Just hit Add Stuff in iGoogle and search for Google Reader Lab. It's so great!

I know I'm showing my nerdiness.... but I'm too excited about this not to share!! Enjoy ;)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

3 My First Shoutout:

This is some funny stuff. I grew up with a few of the guys in the group (John Holland & Rickey Baskett) and I gotta say that the stuff that they put together is really HILARIOUS. They have much more than just comedy stuff posted so be sure to look at all of their videos. Check them out, show them some love, and if you got a little extra money laying around get their DVD. Tell them Stew sent you. These guys are on the rise and I can PROMISE that you will see them in the future.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

12 color theory final project

My idea all started with this photo that was given to me by my friend Brandon last year at my graduation party. I love it so much because it captures me and him at Pullen Park in Raleigh, NC. We were best buds at this age! Anybody who grew up in Raleigh knows that this was the hot spot for toddlers back in the eighties. The candidness of the photo and the muted colors made it a perfect candidate for my final project.

So, my project goal was to replicate this photo twice using colored pencils. First, imitating the colors as closely to the photo as possible, and then with a different colorway. Notice the grid over the photo? I used that to help "blow up" the small photo to a larger drawing.

1st drawing: 50% done

1st drawing: 75% done

I spent around 15 hours total doing the first drawing before I started on the second. In order to get the colors that I wanted for the second drawing, I used my computer to manipulate the colors. I was inspired by the Pop Art movement, particularly the work of Frank Stella and, of course, Andy Warhol. I loved the way Pop Artists would inject completely artificial color into otherwise ordinary subject matter. At first, I was going to change ALL the colors kind of like Andy Warhol's "Marilyn", but something about that painting seems so sterile to me and I wanted to preserve the innocence and fun of the children in this photo. I felt like in order to do that, the skin colors needed to stay natural. So, this is what I came up with. I really rushed through the second drawing... I only spent about 9 hours on it as opposed to 15 on the first, but I think it turned out ok! I really don't like Brandon's face in the 2nd drawing... but, its done! Here it is...

Beginning the 2nd drawing

2nd drawing: 50% done

2nd drawing: 75% done

2nd drawing completed!

1st drawing completed!

The finished drawings!

Hope you love them!
Ciao! ^_^
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