Monday, December 21, 2009

3 artist spotlight: audrey kawaski

One of my favorite albums from last year was Alice Smith's "For Lovers, Dreams & Me" which featured this ethereal cover art by artist Audrey Kawaski.
alice smith for lovers dreamers and me

Now Audrey K is back with an exhibit of her fantastic paintings. I love her muted color palette and soft forms painted over wood. It seems she toys with the juxtaposition of innocence and sensuality and definitely has a clear Japenese influence. Check out some of the work featured in her new series "Hajimari" below. If you're in NY, she's showing at the Joseph Levine Gallery until January 9th.

For more of the pieces included in her exhibit (that may be NSFW) click here.

For more on Alice Smith (she has a new album coming out next year!) check out her official website.


  1. great album inside and out. Audrey's work is stunning.

  2. i love alice smith's album, and the artwork is pretty awesome as well, i always wondered who did it!

  3. You are really putting me on to some good sh!#. and i love it!! going to check them both out now


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