Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5 bachelor pad basement details

These are the key elements to the space I designed for the bachelor pad basement. My objective was to make the space feel modern, comfortable and not like a basement! I wanted to make sure there was plenty of seating without making the space feel cluttered. The products I used can be found at Target, Overstock.com, West Elm, Room & Board and the AphroChic Shop. If you love the AphroChic Haze Mimosa Pillow, be sure to enter the giveaway on Hello Splendor and you might just win one! For more information on Rachel Stewart's art, please check out her website.

If you or someone you know is interested in having a room designed, please contact me! I'd love to work with you. Email hello(at)nikimcneill(dot)com


  1. Love those pillows! Ikat can do no wrong in my eyes! Funny you feature that rug as a bachelor pad adornment. My husband had one almost exactly like it when he was living with 2 other dudes! It was on the floor of their "band practice" room - classic!

  2. Genna >> Every guy I know has a similar style rug - that's how I knew a "bachelor" would like it! :-)

  3. um....niki......you are forgetting the most important piece of equipment for any successful bachelor pad design....


  4. @stew: i concur. no boom boom room is complete w/out one.

    a few things i noticed is:

    the tv on that cabinet is way to small...50"+, nothing less will suffice in the bachelor.

    speaking of cabinets, in certain circumstances a tv cabinet can be nay or yay and that one looks expensive. so nah yo, bachelor's can put their tv on a cheaper yet steardy coffee table (like me)...

    marble table...nah yo, bachelor's don't have $$$ for that sheee-it...the extra 'bread' went into buyin a (bigger) tv, a xbox, and modern warfare 2.

    aphrochic and room and board pillows?!? nah yo, again that money went into getting real essential and necessary things: i.e. the tv, xbox, and mw2.

    the ottoman: i can dig it.


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