Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6 bachelor pad basement design

A friend of mine has a gorgeous town home with a completely empty basement. He is a bachelor and has great taste, but with a job that requires him to travel, he hasn't had a lot of time to put together his large basement. We've talked about me designing the space for him and this is what I came up with. I happen to know that he loves the color red, and I wanted to feature the artwork of Rachel Stewart and throw in an AphroChic pillow!

Stay tuned for more details on the elements of the room, including where to buy, later this afternoon!


  1. Great work! Looking good! I love the painting. I've enjoyed looking through your blog! Following you now! -jami

  2. Holy crap! You're amazing-not kidding! How did you do that drawing? It's awesome!

  3. >> Claire, I used Google SketchUp - I love it!

  4. Oh girl you're good! Love the art and the pillow! And those red drapes adds the drama!!! Pure Hotness girl!

  5. c'mon son...BBC? nah yo, bachelor pads are on always on ESPN...

    and another thing, so you are telling me that i have to turn my head to see the tv. nah yo, everything in a bachelor's pad requires less effort and energy. having a tv on an adjacent wall defeats the whole purpose.

    In a bachelor pad, the tv is the focal point of the whole room...you center all your stuff around it. If your "extra" stuff blocks you from getting to the other side of the room or to the door in case of a fire/emergency it's ok..as long as it doesn't block the tv.


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