Thursday, September 23, 2010

1 scholastic pursuit

The advantage of interior design blogs is that it makes the practice of design accessible for everyone. One of the disadvantages, however, is that just like any summary of a profession, blogging leaves out so much of the process! We (myself included) tend to focus on the fun part, the shopping, crafting & decorating of it all, and forget to enlighten our readers about the not so fun planning that goes into it. I know that a lot of what I studied in school I probably won't use in the everyday practice of interior design, but a good portion of it I do think is vital to being an excellent interior designer.

With that, take a look at this outstanding portfolio from recent graduate Barbara Pschirer. Her portfolio gives a great representation of how interior designers work from inception to completion. Job well done Barbara! ;)

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  1. Wow, I just found out that my portfolio was blogged! How crazy is that?! I was checking my statistics on my portfolio and was wondering why traffic blew up these past few days. I am honored to be featured here, and I hope it inspires many of you who aren't in the design world to check out the technical side of interior design. It's not all as pretty as it looks, but it's so rewarding!


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