Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4 style icon: janelle monae

::Originally posted on Nesting Newbies blog::

Janelle Monae has this j'ne sais quoi about her that you can't really pin point. She's equal parts throwback and new age; sporting a consistently stylish wardrobe of vintage inspired pieces all the while proclaiming herself an alien android from outer space. How she makes it look so effortlessly cool, I'll never know but she's so good at it I can't get enough! I may be a little obsessed. She would be a dream interior design client for me because I'm sure she has impeccable taste. I created this mood board for what I envision her office to look like. Judging from her black and white wardrobe, I can't imagine a color filled home for Ms. Monae. Instead, I'd create a luxurious monocramatic color scheme that plays with texture and mixes periods, just like her!

Click the numbers to get details on the items you see above!
The stars are a nod to the song that made me fall in love with her, "Violet Stars Happy Hunting".


  1. I LOVE the desk, the rug, and the wallpaper. I'm seriously tempted to buy the wallpaper to put up in my bedroom (/office...lol)for an accent wall.

    I think you captured her vibe! Lovely work. In addition to this monochromatic office for Janelle Monae, I would be interested in seeing what a mood board for someone who wanted a Janelle Monae inspiration, but with color!, would look like.

  2. WHAAAAAA!!!!!!
    LOVE this mood board! I'm a big fan of her as well, and you rocked this office spread!


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