Monday, April 4, 2011

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Are you using Pinterest? I just joined last week and MAN is it addictive. I've been busy browsing through all my friends' boards and I started my own! I decided to gather inspiration photos for my home office, which is still a work in progress. Now that I'm going to be working from home, I need the space to be both beautiful and functional. I love the combination of teal and orange; the orange sparks creativity! Anytime you combine two complementary colors it brings drama, too. So here are a few of the images I pinned for my home office inspiration.

You already saw my DIY black & white striped table skirt, and I LOVE this room designed by Tobi Fairley.

Love the edgy look of these outfits featuring orange & teal...

...and the soft feminine look of these teal looks! Click here to see the rest of the photos I pinned for this board. Stay tuned for the final look of the room soon! ;)

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All images are via Pinterest, original sources here.


  1. Orange has always been a favorite of mine, but the teal gives it a whole new life! Love it!

    Enjoyed talking with you tonight! Looking forward to our future projects!

  2. I'm going to take a wild guess and say you are going in the direction of teal and orange. I have a

    I love these choices and you pineboard is great as well. I have yet to sign up for that. I guess I need to.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. Those colors are beautiful and would make me want to work. Imagine when it's yucky outside, you still will feel great in your office.

  4. I'm thinking about joining Pinterest, but I'm not sure if I need another internet addiction. :)

  5. the colors are great! I would love to join pinterest!


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