Sunday, February 20, 2011

8 easy no-sew tableskirt

Usually, the art of interior design requires a mix of an eye for style, creativity, research and strategic planning. In this case, I can tell you that I used no planning whatsoever to do this project! I decided to revamp my home office this weekend, but I had no idea what I was going to do until I did it.

I had my desk and computer set up in the closet of my guest bedroom. My reasoning for that? I hate seeing all the paperwork, chords and such associated with work and having my desk in the closet allowed me to just close the doors and see none of it. The problem with that? My back was always turned from the window, and the heat from my BIG iMac in that tiny closet would make it very warm in that tiny space.

When it was in the closet, I had some fabric that I found for a bank-breaking $3.56 at Goodwill hanging on the inside walls of the closet as "curtains". It was cute but, didn't really have an impact on the room. After taking these pseudo curtains down, a stroke of inspiration made me realize that I'd cut them the perfect width to be a skirt for my desk! Instantly, I pulled out my scissors, tape and glue gun and went to work.

easy diy no sew table skirt IKEA goodwill hot glue gun
What I am using as a desk is actually an IKEA table. First I wrapped the perimeter of the table in one half of the striped fabric and taped it to the top of the table to make sure there was a snug fit. I didn't need to cut anything! It was already the perfect size. :)

easy diy no sew table skirt IKEA goodwill hot glue gun
Once that was done I laid the second piece on top of the table and trim it to about 1" + the tabletop size. Then I gently folded the fabric along the front side of the table at the black stripe to keep the pattern. I put a little hot glue every inch or so right in between the two pieces.

easy diy no sew table skirt IKEA goodwill hot glue gun
Once the first side was done, I let the glue dry before starting on the others so that I could pull the fabric taut as I went. I simply wrapped the corners like a present and *TADA* brand new desk :)

easy diy no sew table skirt IKEA goodwill hot glue gun

Here's what my guest room/office looked like when we first moved in...
easy diy no sew table skirt IKEA goodwill hot glue gun office desk

Here it is now! Not nearly done but here's a first look. The two bookcases are the perfect size to fill that wall, and also from IKEA. The lamp is one of my favorite finds from one of my fave Raleigh vintage stores. The small piece of art on my desk was a gift from Blayne for my birthday last year, I love it! And the roses are left over from Valentine's Day!

click for a bigger view

I'll be sure to post the finished room soon. I'm on a mission to finish it now! What DIY projects have you done lately?


  1. Looks great Niki! I can't say that I've completed any DIYs lately but I can say that I have a box full of them do :)

  2. I love it! Is that a cork-board lamp base??

  3. Your desk looks great and I love your lamp ! I was in that store last weekend, they have everything......

  4. @Tammy@InStitches Father & Son is the best! One of the things I miss about Raleigh!

    @Decorativity - it IS cork! But it's the chunky kind :)

    @Tonia - it's so hard to actually set aside time to do them right??

  5. I love it! You are so creative! I never would have thought of that!!

  6. Well I love the cork theme for an office! :)

  7. Love it Niki! I wanted to do something like that in my living room. Now I'm starting to think about it again!


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