Wednesday, December 7, 2011

7 design talk webisode 2: top ten tips for renters!

I'm so excited to show you another webisode of Design Talk!!! Tricea and I came up with our Top Ten ideas for warming up a rental space after Ishea gave me the great topic idea on Twitter! We had so much fun and I hope you love it. We love your comments and please do share the video with someone you know! :)


  1. I never had a chance to tell you how much I loved this new feature on your blog! And your friend is the PERFECT co-host! love hearing what the two of you have to say. great tips! Ps, I shared this on my FB page:)

  2. @Dayka + @L.Duncan thank you so much!!

  3. Thanks so much for this webisode. I stumbled upon it on Ishea's blog and loved it. It gave me so many ideas for our condo. I thought just adding window treatments next year would be enough but after wathcing this video I realize I need to do a bit more, so our home "rises to meet us"... Loves it and I'll be watching for more great tips.

  4. This is great! I'm moving into my first roommate free apartment, so I'm looking forward to having free reign over the decor. The tips you've provided are excellent!


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