Sunday, June 22, 2008

9 "I'm gonna make you fall in love, make you touch the stars above"

This is my JOINT!!! One of the few R&B songs I like.



  1. Definite throwback classic in any old skool set in the club for me personally!

  2. is this a pseudo slow song that stewie actually likes?? :-O!!

  3. any GOOD 90s playlist must include this!

  4. I love this song!

    wow @ mary in the purple bubble coat LOL

  5. HA!

    i knew folks would enjoy this.

    @niki - yes. this is a "slow" song that i like. but there a bunch of songs similar to this one one that i can jam to.

  6. yea i've got this in the 90s playlist...


  7. Thats it, right that there Playa!
    ...Back when it was cool two step.

    He help bring Foxx out ( well him LL), and on top of that he back door'd this shit with putting a young (fine as I ever seen mind you) Beyonce out on the his next single's Vid - i think it was 'happily ever after' or somethin.. Put it out there pimpin..

    Respect -Q.


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