Tuesday, July 1, 2008

5 Do you remember this?

I hate that I am on the computer all of the time now. I find myself looking up old stuff. When I found this it made it all worth it. Probably top 10 commercials of all time.

The best thing is that there was more than one.

Rasheed Wallace is a damn fool.

Added bonus. I did not even know they made this one. I just found this today

I love this stuff



  1. dang,

    the sidekick doesn't do video

    guess ima have to catch this one on the pc

    by the by

    hey stew


  2. I used to practice those moves like every day after school... I wasn't smooth enough to master all that though... too tall, too clumsy... but I used to bust ass on the court, so it didn't matter... cause I could shoot and drive and defend... but I just couldn't dribble...

  3. i loved these commercials back in the day... this was when NBA was real ball.... not just for entertainment as it is now!!

  4. Yeah these were indeed the classic basketball commercials for real...not they just don't even PUT any character or even a slight humor into them...well that ONE guy on those Chysler commercials---the one doing all the imitations @ each car...him lol, he was pretty cool, but NEXT to him..the others looked LAME and like "Come on y'all...seriously????" lol... But I like the 3rd video the MOSt they just acted CRAZZEEE, I think it was just much cleaner and precise far as the movement arrangement goes.
    Side Bar: Yes, that was a cotton candy Tornado chasing the girl...I just REALLY like it because it was PINKKKK lol, nawl it is sweet. Hancock for ME on this FRIDAY!!! I'm excited to see if it's really going to be good. I try to stay off of the computer 2 lol, but like you put...it's humor and ART to find continously :)WHOA my comments long lol!

  5. @-1- - what's happenin -1-?

    @cannon - i was pretty good at ball too. played high school and everything. was never all that flashy though.

    @niki - back when these came out basketball was about the same as it is now. RIGGED!!!

    @tuesdai - that guy on those chysler commercials is a damn fool. i really like him. but i like all of nike's commercials. most times they are pretty creative


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