Wednesday, April 20, 2011

13 real life progress

My blogging buddy Maya did and awesome job turning her (disgusting) bathroom into a light & beautiful place to primp. She was so kind as to let me show it off to you guys.

Here is the before. Yuck!

And here is the after so far!! Such a transformation...

Amazing!! I would love to see some cool art above the toilet & being that Maya is a photographer I know she'd appreciate something like this, from CB2. The pop of yellow would look great against her cool blue, and I love the geometric lines!

Whatever Maya chooses will be fab, I'm sure, because she has an great eye! If you have a moment, go check out her fun blog.

Lastly, I wanted to share a sneak peek into one of my current projects!! If you like SingleBubblePop Design Studio on Facebook, you may have already seen this but here's a look at the wood panelling and custom drapery installation we did on Monday!

The space is a open floor plan condo, and the owner asked me to finish his living area. We're going for an industrial city feel so I incorporated the wood & stainless steel textures. He also loves bright colors I found this beautiful orange fabric to brighten up the room. Bringing the curtains all the way to the ceiling really shows off his almost 11 foot ceilings. I can't wait to show you all the finished space! :-)


  1. I'm gawking at the bathroom transformation! It turned out incredibly nice! & love floor to ceiling curtains, can't wait to see finished product;)!

  2. This looks really great! I love how clean it looks (and I'm not talking clean vs. dirty...I'm talking clean as in "fly").

    You might have already talked about this, but did you post the final project of your living room? I was loving the paint job, and I wanted to see the finished project :)

  3. Wow what a transformation! It looks really good!

  4. Chai >> Didn't she do an awesome job? That's what I call sweat equity...

    Integrated >> I haven't posted my living room because it's not done yet! As soon as it is tho, I'll be sure to post it ;)

    Kid.a >> Yea, it's pretty amazing what a little elbow grease and paint can do!!

  5. WOW, that is an awesome transformation.

  6. Great bathroom renovation. Boy was it nasty but you resurrected it! Looking forward to more, my Atlanta sistah!

  7. I can't believe the "before" bathroom was even something a human was expected to use. That was beyond gross... next level nasty! Glad to see she got things cleaned up.

  8. ooh, your new project is looking AMAZING, niki! that wall of paneling has peaked my interest. can't wait to see what you've done!

  9. J'Ann >> She did an amazing job!!

    Edwina >> This was actually the work of my friend Maya!

    South Loop >> It was pretty nasty before, yuck!!

    Dayka >> Thank you!! I'm so excited about it... now to put the final touches in :)

  10. I can't WAIT to see the finished space! Loving the wood next to those curtains....

  11. ahhh!!!!! for the world to see! thanks for the suggestion Niki! i was planning on putting artwork framed with gold but i do like the yellow suggestion...i'll have to do some hunting. i'll share more once the additions are made :)

  12. The bathroom looks bomb! So light and pretty. I could stand to take a lesson or two!


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